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The Devil Went Down to Austin

A Bantam Hardcover (Tres Navarre series #4)

Pub Date: June 2001

ISBN: 0-553-11097-7
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The Story

Tres Navarre, private eye and sometimes English professor, is hoping for a laid back working vacation when he accepts a summer teaching gig at the University of Texas at Austin, even if it means shacking up for six weeks with his big brother Garrett, who calls Austin home.

Garrett Navarre — computer programmer extraordinaire, Jimmy Buffett fanatic, and all-around eccentric — is hoping to retire a multi-millionaire by the end of summer, thanks to a high tech start-up company he and two buddies have launched. Garrett has bet everything from his career to the Navarre family ranch that the company will stay alive long enough to make a public stock offering, allowing him to ride the Austin high tech boom right into the saddle of luxury.

Tres and Garrett’s hopes are both shattered with a single gunshot. Garrett’s oldest friend and business partner turns up murdered at his lakefront home, and Garrett is the only suspect.

Among the players: Matthew Peña, a corporate take-over artist with a trail of broken enemies in his wake and an overzealous desire to make Garrett’s company his own; Ruby McBride, the victim’s wife, a hard-edged beauty haunted by three generations of family failure; and W.B. Doebler, the head of an oil-rich clan with more power than morals, and enough skeletons in the closet to man a ghost ship. Connecting them all – the beautiful waters of Lake Travis, and an unspeakable evil that lies beneath their depths.

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