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The House of Life Mage Programs
A Map of the Nomes
Meet the Kane Family

The House of Life offers numerous programs, depending on your interests.

Elementalist: Learn to control the five basic elements, earth, fire, wind, water and cheese! A good elementalist can summon the forces of nature to launch devastating attacks.
Diviner: A rare gift, diviners can tell the future. This is a dangerous path, and can lead you to a terrible fate, but if you’re a diviner, you probably already knew that.

Animal charmer: It may sound simple, but animal charming was an important skill in ancient times, and can still be a very powerful discipline. Controlling scorpions, snakes, and other poison creatures can save your friends and make your enemies squirm. If you find a cobra in your sleeping bag, you can be sure you’ve offended an animal charmer.

Necromancer (rehket, seer): Not afraid of ghosts? Perhaps necromancy is for you. Skilled magicians can summon spirits of the dead to answer questions or perform tasks, even haunt people’s dreams! The spirits of the dead were important forces in Ancient Eygpt, and the necromancer can use these forces or ward them off as needed.

Healers (sunu): The House of Life got its name from its ability to cure disease with magic. Back in ancient times, medicine and magic were the same thing. Magical healers can cure all sorts of wounds and diseases. If you’ve got the healing touch, perhaps you can become a sunu. This is a very popular and respected discipline!

Charm-makers (sau): The sau are magical craftsmen who know how to make amulets and other powerful charms. They aren’t always the fastest combat magicians, but they can make incredible tools to help in a fight. If you are good with your hands and like designing your own magic items, consider studying charm-making.

Combat magician: Combat magic involves the use of an avatar, which envelops the user in magical armor. You then proceed to pound and smash your opponents to smithereens. Not the subtlest form of magic, combat magicians require a great deal of stamina and strength. If you like the idea of becoming a magical juggernaut who can smash through walls and wade through armies, this discipline is for you.

Path of the gods: Forbidden! Do not try this at home! In the olden times, magicians could study the path of the gods, drawing magical power directly from one of the Egyptian gods. A combat magician, for instance, might draw on the power of Horus, god of war, to become unbeatable in combat. The ultimate goal was to become the “eye” of the god – a perfect combination of mortal will and godly power. The gods are unpredictable however, and often use mortals as their tools. This is why the path of the gods is now forbidden. Don’t listen to those Kane children, who would tell you otherwise. This is dangerous magic that could get you in lots of trouble!

A Map of the Nomes

In olden times, Egypt was divided into districts called nomes. Today, the system is different. The entire world is divided into 360 magical districts called nomes. The magicians in each nome strive to protect the mortals in their region from magical threats like gods, demons and monsters. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

The First Nome: Egypt. Naturally. The headquarters for the House of Life lies under the modern city of Cairo. All initiates are trained here, and the Chief Lector rules from the foot of the pharaoh’s throne in the Hall of Ages. This is the very heart of Egyptian magic.

The Fourteenth Nome: Paris. Home of Michel Desjardins, sem priest and senior advisor to the Chief Lector. Paris has been an important nome since the days of Napoleon, who the French emperor invaded Egypt and brought back many relics. Later, Desjardins’ ancestor Champollion decoded hieroglyphics using the Rosetta Stone.

The Twenty-first Nome: Greater New York. The first nome established in North America, this is the home of the Kane family, whose headquarters is in a magical Brooklyn mansion overlooking the East River. The Kanes are rogues, and teach magic forbidden by the House of Life. Beware them!

The Three-Hundred and Sixtieth Nome: Antarctica. The last nome established, there is no one here except a few very cold magicians and some magic penguins, but you never know where evil will strike! This is considered a punishment assignment. Offend the Chief Lector, and you may end up stationed here.
Stay tuned for information on other nomes as the Kane Chronicles unfold.

Meet the Kane Family

Carter: fourteen-year-old Carter Kane is the son of Julius and Ruby. After his mother’s death, Carter traveled the world with his father, so he has not known a permanent home in years, nor has he ever been in a regular school. His father has homeschooled him, so Carter knows a lot about Egypt, but has never experienced the joys of cafeteria food or dressing out for P.E. Poor kid! Carter doesn’t consider himself brave, but he will soon need a lot of bravery. The sword he wields is known as a khopesh, and was used by the pharaoh’s personal guard. Whether or not Carter can use it in combat, we’ll soon see . . .

Twelve-year-old Sadie Kane was separated from her brother after their mother’s death. Following a huge court battle, Sadie’s maternal grandparents won custody of her from her father Julius, so while Carter and Julius traveled the world, Sadie was raised as a British schoolgirl in London. Sadie tends to speak her mind, even if it gets her in trouble. She has little interest in schoolwork or Egyptian history, but she soon finds out that Egyptian history has an interest in her. Will she manage to defeat the gods of Egypt, or will she and her brother strangle each other first? The jury is still out on that question.

Julius: Dr. Julius Kane is one of the preeminent Egyptologists of modern times, specializing in Egyptian magic. He has written numerous books, and travels the world doing research and giving lectures. However, Julius Kane has a secret. It may be that he is able to read those ancient Egyptian spell books because Julius Kane has firsthand experience with magic. Unfortunately, Dr. Julius Kane has a number of enemies – some magicians, some not even human.

Ruby: Carter and Sadie’s mother Ruby was a British anthropologist who specialized in ancient DNA. She died in a mysterious accident when the children were very young, but their father has never told them the truth about why or how she died. The truth may be worse than Carter or Sadie imagine, but the siblings will have to learn their mother’s secret if they are to stay alive.

Julius’s brother Amos has kept his distance from Carter and Sadie, but not because he wanted to. When a terrible accident occurs, Uncle Amos must step in and help the children, taking them to the family mansion in Brooklyn. It will be up to Amos to explain the truth, and introduce Carter and Sadie to the dangerous magical heritage of the Kane family.

Gran and Gramps:
Sadie and Carter’s maternal grandparents live in a simple flat near Canary Wharf in London. They don’t seem very magical. Gramps is a former rugby player and Gran is a quiet woman who makes terrible biscuits. However, their family has a long lineage that stretches back to Egyptian times, and is almost as powerful as the Kane family. Carter and Sadie soon learn that they have inherited power, and trouble, from both of their parents’ families.